Any loan is going to include an appraisal of your home. FHA loans have strict requirements for what appraisers will look for before the buyer is given the go ahead to close on the property.

You can use the FHA appraisal guidelines to get your home ready before you put it on the market. By doing this, you’ll make the closing process quicker and be in a better position to know that a buyer applying for a mortgage will get the approval they need. Bottom line: these things will help you sell your home.

Repairs to Do Before You List Your Home

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  • Scrape, sand, fill, and paint any “defective” surface. Check all around the exterior and interior of your home including around windows and doors, porches, walls, and anywhere a surface can be painted.
  • Repair any and all leaks. This includes your HVAC, roof, foundation, and plumbing. 
  • Take care of any foundation or structural settlement. You’ll need to call in a contractor for this.
  • Repair or replace an old or damaged roof. A new roof is a selling point for many buyers.
  • Repair or replace damaged or missing handrails around stairs or steps.
  • Repair or replace defective, damaged, and/or dangerous electrical wiring. Call an electrician for this.
  • Make sure your home has properly installed safety items such as smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, a pressure relief valve on your hot water heater, and GFCI electrical outlets.
  • Repair or replace any damaged windows, doors, garage door openers, and locks around your home. All should be in good working condition when you sell.
  • Repair or replace damaged stairs, walkways, floors, driveways, and anywhere someone may walk that poses a potential hazard.
  • Make sure all appliances work properly.
  • The entrance to your attic or crawlspace should be free and clear so the appraiser can inspect that area.
  • Make sure you know where your well and septic are, if this applies to your property.

FHA-insured loans are only eligible for properties that are considered safe, sound, and healthy. Conventional loans may not have the exact same requirements as an FHA loan, but it’s fairly close. By taking care of these issues before you list your home for sale, you’ll do your part to make your Tampa Bay home more attractive to buyers and help it close quicker.