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10 Ways to Make Your Lawn Stand Out from the Crowd

Anthony Malafronte

TEAM LEADER and HEAD of STUFF @ My Tampa Agent, Anthony has been a resident of Tampa Bay for over 23 years...

TEAM LEADER and HEAD of STUFF @ My Tampa Agent, Anthony has been a resident of Tampa Bay for over 23 years...

Jan 24 3 minutes read

Take a look at this quick list of ideas you can use to make your lawn stand out from the crowd, whether you’re selling your home or not.

  1. Edge around walkways, flower beds, the driveway, and sidewalks. This will give your lawn a crisp, polished look.

  2. Weed your flower beds. Get down in between the bushes and plants and clean the weeds out. Yes, people can see them. Yes, it looks bad if you don’t.

  3. Add fresh mulch. Red mulch makes a lawn look rich and lush. 

  4. Coax the green back into your grass with lawn food and water. Add sod or re-seed brown patches.

  5. Trim the bushes and hedges the way a good landscaping company will - even, flat, and uniform. 

  6. Add splashes of color with plants. They can be potted or plants, but cluster them together in groups. This will make them more visible and colors appear more vibrant, especially when a buyer first pulls up.

  7. Consider adding pots, plant stands, or even colorful Adirondack chairs to your front porch or near your front door. It’s an inviting, appealing look. The bright colors will draw eyes to your home.

  8. Add solar light fixtures around walkways and flower beds. Make sure they’re all standing upright and match. Check them at night to make sure they all work and look uniform.

  9. Clean up the clutter. Put away tools, toys, and the bags of mulch you keep intending to use but haven’t yet.

  10. Add a few hanging baskets on plant stands. In shaded areas, add baskets of ferns, while in the sunny areas - or anywhere you need some color - add annuals. Keep them freshly watered so they continue to grow and add even more color to your lawn.

Treat your lawn the way you do the rooms in your house, especially when you’re getting ready to sell. If your living room needs a new coat of paint to look fresh and bright, then your lawn needs more than just a weekly trim. Your lawn is the first thing potential buyers will see when your home goes on the market. Make sure you give them something beautiful to look at.

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