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Success Story: One Family, Three Properties, Six Months

Anthony Malafronte

TEAM LEADER and HEAD of STUFF @ My Tampa Agent, Anthony has been a resident of Tampa Bay for over 23 years...

TEAM LEADER and HEAD of STUFF @ My Tampa Agent, Anthony has been a resident of Tampa Bay for over 23 years...

Jan 24 5 minutes read

It Began with an Investment Property.

The Ferrandiz’s bought the property next door to them when it came on the market for a great price. They knew it had to look good and be a home you could see yourself living in. The couple put the time, effort, and money to get it ready to sell. 

According to Erik, “they did a great job of fixing it up, however, there were still a few stumbling blocks” . After the first contract fell through, Erik worked hard to find another buyer and put together a deal. The buyer was a tough negotiator but in the end, the property was sold for just over the asking price with no funds conceded to the buyer.

A New Home

The Ferrandiz’s saw the purchase and sale of the house next door as an opportunity. With the proceeds from that first sale, it was time to upgrade their own home. They were living in a one bathroom home with a small baby - it was time for something bigger. In a tight Tampa Bay market, finding a home that “checks all of the boxes” as Jorge Ferrandiz explained wasn’t all that easy. Erik spent a full day with the Ferrandiz’s looking at potential properties with little luck.

While the family was on vacation, Erik was still hard at work. When he found a home that looked perfect for the Ferrandiz’s, he texted them and then emailed them information on a brand new listing that was having an open house that Sunday. They went to the open house where Jorge and Andrea fell in love with the home. As Jorge later said, “It was the first home to check nearly all of our boxes and feel like the right fit.” 

There was a potential problem, though. A full-price offer had already been put in. Jorge and Andrea discussed it and agreed they had to try. With Erik’s help, they put in their best offer. They were under contract the same day! 

“We had to work quickly, and thanks to Erik’s help and communication, we got the house we wanted,” states Jorge Ferrandiz.

The Buying Process

“I’ve worked with other real estate agents over the years, but Erik did something I’ve never experienced. He was there for every inspection and even the appraisal. He didn’t always know what the outcome was but he eased our worries and let us know what was going on every step of the way.”

Erik made sure he was available to go over to the house to meet the Ferrandiz’s, inspectors, plumbers, and contractors. When the home appraisal came back lower than the contract price, Erik negotiated a $25,000 reduction in the price plus some repairs to keep the deal together. Andrea and Jorge wanted this home, and Erik did everything he could to help make it a reality.

“There are two things that are very important to me when I work with people,” says Jorge Ferrandiz. “And Erik has both of them. He followed up and he was organized. There are so many steps to buying and selling a home, and Erik made sure we understood everything and helped us through the entire process.”

Under Contract on the First Day

Once the Ferrandiz’s were in their new home, they were ready to put their previous home on the market. Working with Erik only made sense after the first two successes. Erik helped them list it with a price that fit the competitive Tampa market. He made sure it was clean and ready for showings and coordinated the professional photography needed to make the listing shine online. 

Using My Tampa Agent’s Coming Soon marketing campaign, Erik generated activity and interest before their listing ever hit the market. The day their home went live on the MLS, the Ferrandiz’s received a contract at full asking price.  Everything was smooth sailing until IRMA came to town. One tree on a roof, one week to close and Erik got the deal back on track.

"After Irma we thought for sure we would lose the sale. Erik was diligent in finding, scheduling and following up with the contractors to make sure the work was done fast and thorough. We didn't lose the sale and closed last week and were thrilled!" -- Andrea Ferrandiz

From the listing of the first home to the sale of the third, six months passed and the Ferrandiz’s credit Erik with making it happen.

“Erik went above and beyond for us. Buying and selling three homes in such a short time is a big task. He made sure we knew what was going on at all times. “ -- Jorge Ferrandiz

Are you ready to see how Erik Krueger and the My Tampa Agent team can help you buy or sell your home?



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