Our Unique Pricing Strategy

Your pricing strategy can make or break your sale. Pricing too low will erode your ROI, pricing too high will repel serious buyers. We help you identify the right price with a comparative market analysis, recent sales, and a deep knowledge of the local market.

Get Your Home's Value

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What is my home worth?

At the end of the day, your home is worth: what your willing to take → that a buyer is willing to give you → that their lender is willing to give them. We provide accurate home values in just one click. 

Get Your Home's Value

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We help our clients to be as proactive as possible in the 3 areas that we know kill most real estate deals.

First Impressions

44% of homebuyers started their property searches online. This means your home's first impression is everything. At My Tampa Agent, we make sure your home gets the attention it deserves, whether it be on Facebook, through email marketing, or highlighted on our website, we guarantee your home will not be ignored.


Let's fix and disclose what we know to eliminate that potential bump in the road. Our experience and stable of well-vetted contractors to assist us in getting your home ready for the market. Need a hand? Check out our list of preferred vendors!


We make sure your appraisal goes smoothly with an Appraisal packet that speaks to the market specifics and the contract we have secured.

Our local expertise

We stay up to date on the latest market activity to best advise our clients not only where they should start. but most importantly where things will end.  (see market data attached). 

View Real Time Market Data

Want to know exactly how we do it? Give us a call!

Reach Buyers with Email Marketing

Learn how we use email to showcase your home.

Our Email Strategy

Facebook Marketing

We'll advertise your home to thousands of potential buyers on Facebook.

Our Facebook Strategy
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